DJ Insomnia has been in the industry for over 20 years providing lighting services for every event imaginable. Our light shows can transform your event into a magical space that will wow your guests! Since day one, we’ve provided high-end lighting equipment to our clients who desire quality for their guests to create an experience they won’t get anywhere else. Our inventory of lighting can be curated to support your budget and needs. Everything from large-scale concert events, outdoor events utilizing our IP65 rated fixtures, corporate gatherings, and the most luxurious wedding celebrations. No matter the size or complexity, we work to make sure your event is the best it can be.



Robe lighting is based in the Czech Republic and manufactures innovative, high quality moving lights and digital lighting products. Our inventory consists of ROBE BMFL Blade, ROBE MegaPointe, ROBE Robin Pointe, and ROBE Spiider series of fixtures. These fixtures are suited for high-end corporate events, weddings, and concerts demanding the best in the business.

Pictured: Robe Pointe

Pictured: Robe Pointe


Chauvet Professional

Chauvet is a leading developer of luminaires, trussing, controllers, atmospherics and related equipment marketed globally. Our inventory consists of Maverick MK2 Spots, Maverick MK3 Wash, Rogue R2 wash, and IP65 Rated WELL fit uplights.


Martin Lighting


Martin Professional is a Danish manufacturer and distributor of stage and architectural lighting and effects fixtures.. We carry Aura XB Washes, Viper profiles, Quantam Washes, and Viper DX washes.


MA Lighting


Since its foundation in 1983, MA Lighting has expanded to become an international leader for computer-controlled lighting consoles and networking components. We carry the Dot2, GrandMA2, and GrandMA3 consoles. A certified lighting technician with knowledge on all lighting controllers can be provided for your convenience.


American DJ Lighting


American DJ is one of the leaders in pro-lighting. Starting in 1985 as a supplier of lighting products to mobile entertainers, the Los Angeles, California-based ADJ Group has grown into a diversified global enterprise that provides lighting, audio and staging products for nightclubs, discos, mobile entertainers, bands, concert tours, theatre productions, TV shows, cruise ships, churches, trade shows, architectural applications and more. We carry the ADJ WiFLY EXR Dotz Par LED Uplights for seamless high output color blend uplighting effects.